philosophy of vasavasa


You may ask why Vasa Vasa gelato and sorbet are so unique? Why the combinations of flavours are so intense? Why it has such a smooth and creamy texture? Why it tastes so good? The secret is the result of blending only the best raw materials, using the time-honoured craftsmanship of the Sicilian masters, and taking the time and care to do everything just right. We believe that you deserve the best.

The philosophy behind the Vasa Vasa gelato is both pure and simple. After selecting only the freshest raw ingredients (absolutely no preservatives!), we focus on giving you the best flavours and tastes through continuous research and experimentation. We are frequently reviewing and refining our process.

Making gelato (Italian ice cream) is pretty simple, right? Or so it seems. In fact, the process presents a main challenge: developing a texture bonds milk fat and water together in a cold and creamy, but not “frozen” product. To overcome this, Vasa Vasa uses natural ingredients such as soy lecithin or carob flour (commonly used as an emulsifier to make the gelato smoother or thicker). We know you want the best, not hard-packed and definitely not frozen.

The taste is in the paste. The Almond, Hazelnut and Gianduia pastes are made with all-natural flavourings. This is true for all of the flavours. Vasa Vasa does not use flavour powders like most of the other gelato makers. For example, our cream gelato is made with pureed lemon peel. You will taste the difference for sure, just as you will taste the fresh ricotta in our Cassata flavour.

Think about comparing fresh, hand-selected tomatoes to a can of tomato sauce. With the can, you already know they are semi-processed, but you will never know for sure about the quality of the tomatoes used or any additives. But we do know that selection is not enough to make our hazelnut gelato or Gentile delle Langhe so delightful. It is the hard work, craftsmanship and research that lead to the best results. We don’t just believe you want the best…we know it.

Lastly, the type of gelato maker machine contributes directly to the quality of gelato produced. The Cattabriga is a vertical machine that bears the name of its inventor, Otello Cattabriga. Cattabriga was the brilliant Italian manufacturer, who devised an automated gelato processing system by reproducing the old manual process of "remove and spread". The Cattabriga creates a gelato, particularly soft and creamy, and ready to be served. The system is far superior to the horizontal machines commonly used by most gelaterias.

The Cattabriga promotes "total control" throughout the process to ensure the best consistency has been achieved. The more common horizontal machines require the gelato to be produced with a softer consistency, which suggests freezing will be required for serving and storage. Freezing gelato substantially reduces flavour or perhaps even ruins it. Once again, we know you want and deserve only the best.

Traditional Sicilian granite flavour and creamy texture can be realized only with a vertical processing machine just like at Vasa Vasa. In reality, authentic granite is not obtained by grinding ice and adding ingredients or syrups. This is a common misconception. Instead, it is produced by mixing ingredients in a liquid state, which are then frozen slowly. A perfect example is the granite mint, which is white in colour and made with water, sugar and finely chopped mint.

Many years ago in Sicily, they would dig a hole in the ground and place a cylinder in the center filled with a liquid combination such as sugar water and almond paste. The hole was then filled with ice and covered with salt until the temperature dropped from 0 ° C to - 30 ° C. As the temperature fell, the ice caused the liquid to begin freezing on the inner walls of the cylinder. Next, a worker intervenes, or rather two workers - one turns the mixture in the cylinder in one direction, while the other turns in the reverse direction. This “Spatolava” movement keeps the mixture from turning to solid ice, and creates tiny ice crystals and unusually creamy granite.

This type of artisanal craftsmanship requires much more time and care to execute. The Cattabriga produces only two-thirds volume of the horizontal processing system in the same amount of time. But time is a very good friend to the best quality…and we believe you deserve the best.