lo stile vasavasa


VasaVasa is a new ice cream developed by the desire and belief to give people healthy pleasure from a high quality product in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment.

The excellence of the product is the commitment of natural ingredients, honest flavours, traditional technique craftsmanship and complete absence of colouring, preservatives or artificial flavours.

VasaVasa pays attention to detail of its choice of products and its work is worthy of mention. VasaVAsa likes taking the time to "do things right" as was always done in the past, and It is inspired by the secrets of the master Sicilian ice cream makers.

The quality of the product is matched and enhanced by the selection of friendly personnel, the choice locations and classic decorations and furniture. he welcome is helpful and professional thanks to the staff of VasaVasa just as in the Sicilian culture.

The Staff and all the employees love to entertain visitors with stories about their passion for the Sicilian ice cream and their adventure with VasaVasa.